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Isamu da Vinchi's Toad

Isamu da Vinchi's Toad
Origin: Isamu Rats
Born: 5 September 2013
Age: 19 months
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a Du/du R/r
Health: A couple of preputial gland abscesses. Neutered at 19 months due to not settling after his move here
Weight: 632g
Temperament: Perfectly balanced
Nicknames: Toady, Toadster

I adore Toad to bits - he grabbed me already as a young baby, with his beautiful eyes and all round lovely conformation, zest and confidence. He has always been quietly self-assured in a very calm and obvious way, not being ostentatious about it. He enjoys people and will happily be handled by anyone, but he also clearly shows who he likes and one of those rats that can make you feel very special when he turns his attention on you. He has an amazing presence and physically he's excellent too, built like a brick with soulful eyes and a beautiful head, a very lovely mixture of his fantastic parents (my Honeymoon and Jemma's Tam). He is a NERS Stud Champion and has sired a beautiful litter here. Toad is an excellent alpha of his little group consisting of the two Brandywine bucks who are about a year younger than him, and his three baby sons. They have recently moved here permanently as my close friend Jemma (Toad's breeder and owner, of Isamu Rats) made a planned switch to keeping girls, and I feel incredibly lucky to get the chance to live with my all time favourite buck.

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