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Lovecraft Avanti

Lovecraft Avanti
Origin: Born here - my tenth Lovecraft litter
Born: 19 December 2014
Age: 15 months
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/- Du/du
Health: Has had a couple of preputial gland abscesses
Weight: 682g
Temperament: Confident and very friendly
Nicknames: Vanti, Vanti-Banti

As a baby, Avanti was a truly stunning little guy - bold and forward, playful and very engaging with people, with a beautiful long sleek body and wonderful head and expression. As a young adult he was more feminine than his brothers and narrower in type, but now in full adulthood he is a big stonking buck, long and fairly broad. He has a wonderful sweet and friendly temperament and is a very happy easy-going little guy who has a calm and caring nature, loves to freerange and explore, and getting a nice big scritch.

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