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Brandywine Skylake

Brandywine Gaston
Origin: Brandywine Stud
Born: 2 July 2014
Age: 20 months
Colour/variety: Russian blue
Known genetics: rb/rb M/m
Health: No health issues
Weight: 610g
Merits: NERS Stud champion
Temperament: Kind and sweet, a real people-rat
Nicknames: Ky, Cloudman, Rainsky

Skylake is a beautiful solid buck with a rather striking colour. He was heavily silvered, which is considered a fault in russian coats, but stunning all the same, and like many other russians he lost his silvering as he aged. Skylake is a very people-oriented lad who takes a lot of comfort from people and can get a little unsure of new environments if things are happening too quickly. Temperament-wise he is confident, mild and very steady - he would make a great alpha if Gaston hadn't nabbed the spot, and Skylake isn't at all bothered enough to challenge him for it.

Skylake and his brother Gaston came here as babies from the lovely Annette at Brandywine Stud as potential future stud bucks, although as I didn't keep any bucks at the time, we arranged for the boys to move in with my close friend Jemma's wonderful buck group until the time was right for her to switch to keeping girls. They fitted right in with her, and at the age of 7 months they came to stay here permanently together with the three little Maload boys.

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