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Lovecraft Bag it (RIP)

Origin: Born here - my third Lovecraft litter
Born: 23 October 2012
Died: 21 June 2015: 32 months
Cause of death: Not known - passed away in her sleep
Colour/variety: Cinnamon
Known genetics: A/a m/m Rb/rb
Health: On/off resp issues from 20 months, mostly not requiring treatment
Weight: 370g
Temperament: Sweet and busy, steady and balanced. Very often checks in with me during freerange.
Nicknames: Minifig, Figgy, Figs

Fig passed away quietly in her sleep, after a long and active and mostly healthy life. Her passing wasn't easy but as easy as it every gets - she got to slip away at home, safe and comfortable, after living out her life. I miss you girly, you were very special.


Minifig is one of those rats who has very much grown into her personality as an adult. I am utterly in love with her; she is very balanced, with a lovely steady calm, and exudes wellbeing and contentedness. She is sweet and busy, solid and quiet, and trims her own nails :) Although independent and self-sufficient, she likes to check in with me a lot during freerange. She also has more than her share of naughtiness and has specialised in quietly sneaking out of the cage given the briefest opportunity!

Fig has been to a number of shows; she has two NFRS varieties stars and has placed 3rd in the Agility challenge.

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