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Lovecraft Shout out

Origin: Born here - my second Lovecraft litter
Born: 22 October 2012
Age: 24 months
Colour/variety: Black Essex
Known genetics: a/a Hro/H M/-
Health: No health issues
Weight: 469g
Temperament: Cheeky, playful, affectionate - a right little clown! Moody, tense and wibbly from 7 months or so; spayed at 10 months in the hope that it would help her calm down (which it did).
Nicknames: Spelunky

Spelunky is a lovely playful little doe with amazing dark deep beautiful eyes and a cheeky disposition. Unfortunately, as she developed she became increasingly hormonal and tetchy, and was eventually spayed at 10 months as she was so tense and wibbly and having a generally very short fuse with her cagemates. She did calm down considerably following the spay, however when I later introduced my four babies she just wouldn't lay off them - she was sweet and kind to them some of the time, but way too heavy-handed and harsh at other times. I then tried to introduce her to one of my other groups, but she was even more unhappy there. She is a typical example of a rat who feels the pull to become alpha, but who is actually rubbish at it and just doesn't have the right constitution. Because I didn't have a particularly strong alpha in either group who could calmly show her her place, she was miserable trying to take responsibility and assert herself, and aside from her own stress it meant all the other rats were suffering for it too. I have never rehomed a rat before, but am very happy to report that Spelunky now resides at Sundrop HQ with Kelly's big boy group (let me reiterate again that she is spayed!). The alpha - Kishmish - is a lovely natural alpha, very self-assured and confident, and Spelunky is thriving under his rein. She is completely settled, relaxed and harmonious in her role there. The intro was the easiest I've ever seen, and they all naturally took to each other and seemed to fundamentally understand each other; there was not a single scuffle. It was immensely hard to give her up, but at least it's made easier by how she is so much more obviously happy and settled now. Thanks to Kelly and Kishmish for taking such good care of my silly Spel

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