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Lovecraft Tivoli

Lovecraft Tivoli
Origin: Born here - my tenth Lovecraft litter
Born: 19 December 2014
Age: 15 months
Colour/variety: Black dumbo
Known genetics: a/a du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 401g
Temperament: Brave, sweet, curious

Tivoli stood out already in the nest as being a very calm, steady little girl. She is brave and forward without being dippy or flighty about it, very sweet, funny and sociable. As an adult she's a lovely girl, steady and inquisitive and eager to play. During her adolescence she went through a phase of not being particulary keen on the new kittens in the group, and seems to get easily stressed in certain situations, and she is generally most relaxed and happiest if her normal routine is kept.

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