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Lovecraft Afterglow

Lovecraft Afterglow
Origin: Born here - my 12th Lovecraft litter
Born: 1 June 2015
Age: 14 months
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a Du/-
Health: No health issues
Weight: 383g
Merits: 3rd Supreme challenge
Temperament: Robust and confident

As a baby, Afterglow was lovely and solid, both physically and in temperament. She was also very cute with nice eyes and alert ears, and has had a number of show successes. As she has matured, she has kept her robust steady and sunny temperament and is 'predictable' in the very best sense of the word. She has lovely body length and muscle tone, and beautiful head and expression. She is a very straight-forward rat who is easy to keep in good condition and who always seems happy and content. Afterglow is also very kissy and when you lift her up she will just relax into your hand and lick and groom your hand with abandon. She is just gorgeous!

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