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Cage layouts

I often don't remember to take photos after I've rearranged; I have to back up and press my back onto the cabinets to get as far away from the cage as possible to fit it in the frame...and once I've spent 3 hours+ on cleaning, I'm not always up to mucking about any further!

My favourite layouts are colourful and challenging, encourage activity and play, require agility, and uses a range of textures and materials. I would highly recommend this excellent article (by neotoma, on the Fancy Rats forum) on cage furnishing for enrichment and expression of natural behaviours.

The original main intention with having a photo archive of layouts was so that I'd be able to copy a previous good layout when I wasn't feeling creative, but in practice this has basically never happened. Partly because some cage furniture doesn't always enjoy a very long lifespan, and gets replaced with another load of new stuffs, and partly because my view of what constitues a good layout keeps evolving; for example, many of my old layouts were based on shelves, which I barely ever use now. Of course I also take into account general mobility/activity levels of the current inhabitants.

SRS/Explorer triple - whole cage (my big group)

SRS/Explorer triple - close-ups of sections

Rockford (for smaller groups and babies)

Alaska (for short-stays and intros)

Mamble100 (for short-stays, oldies, babies)

Ferplast Furet Plus (for short-stays, small groups and intros)

Marchioro Samo82 (modded with big door; used for bigger groups, or at half-height for smaller groups, short-stays and intros)

Marchioro Tom82 (no longer have this)

Parrot cage - whole cage (no longer have this)

Parrot cage - top half (no longer have this)

Parrot cage - bottom half (no longer have this)

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