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Updates & news 2010-11

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20/12/2011: Exciting news unveiled: Contra has given birth to a fantastic rainbow litter of 15 precious kittens today! Daddy is Brandywine Dandelion - so both parents are from the wonderful Brandywine Stud. Under the name "Lovecraft Rats", we are hoping to breed on a very small scale within the Tabi Initiative, a group of breeders dedicated to improving longevity, maintaining excellent health, temperament and good type, in the hope that we can achieve far more together than on our own. More information can be found here: www.lovecraftrats.co.uk
12/12/2011: Dicey and Roux are 28 months today - congratulations girls! This December is a funny month for "age-milestones" as I've also got two girls turning 24 months (Fliss and Busby), four rats turning 18 months (Pepper, Stanley, Rae and Nancy) and two turning 6 months (Thump and Furn). Actually, it's just Contra and Darkling who don't have a significant "age-milestone" this month, being 11 months :-)
06/11/2011: New photos of the girls.
20/10/2011: Cage layouts page updated with photos and text, and new photos of most of the girls plus updated weights on everyone's photo page. We've also been to another NERS show and everyone did very well; see Shows page for critiques and rosette photos etc.
16/09/2011: Some more pics of full cage layouts - top/bottom halves still to be uploaded...
04/09/2011: Updated show critiques, individual weights on everyone's photo page, photos of everyone (girls and boys).
21/08/2011: What's this, two updates in the same month...! Just a couple of updated photos of toys and substrate/pellets/cages/carriers. Still to do at some point: Update the feeding and freeranging pages, as these are a bit outdated now - they've got a different freerange area and my feeding regime has changed a little too. Also could do with taking more photos of their toys and stuff. And flesh out the notes on introductions. Oh well, I'm sure it'll happen at some point!
07/08/2011: New additions - welcome to two little Atlas girls! Photos of everyone added (girls and boys), weights on everyone's individual pages, health-log updated, and reworked the structure a little.
26/06/2011: We've had quite a bad time here health-wise lately, but good news are that Dicey is now a NERS Pet Champion! She was Best in Show at her final show in Preston yesterday; out of five shows she's been BIS twice, res-BIS once, and won Best Rescue four times! At the same show Contra was res-BIS in Pets and also won Agility! All the critiques are here.
25/04/2011: Welcome Stanleymuffin, our second boy! New photos of all the girls and both boys, weights on their individual pages, some toys photos, show critiques, and I'm proud to annouce that our fantastic Fliss has become a NERS Agility Champion!
13/03/2011: Photos of our little Brandywine honeys <3 and the other darlings - see Batgirls and Batboy
01/03/2011: Dicey was Best in Show in the Pet class at the NERS show in Preston! The others did really well too and we had a great day. Critiques here.
23/02/2011: 2011 has been a terrible rat-year for us so far - we unexpectedly lost out beautiful Tesla during surgery and a few weeks later Bernie, our very first ratty, passed away :-( See RIP. On the upside, we're expecting two amazing little babies soon. Site updates with this and more should happen at some point in the next week.
01/01/2011: Wow, this site is a year! So much has happened - amazing times, heart-breaking times. Happy New Year little guys! I've been changing the underlying code plus adding quite a lot of info to my local site in the past few days and haven't got round to uploading everything yet - so some links are dead and some live info isn't up to date but should be sorted later this week.
19/11/2010: Best intentions... *coughs* Bits & pieces updated all over the place. New photos of everyone and two new girlies!
18/08/2010: Gah, time flies! Finally updated weights. New photos - see Batgirls and RIP :-(
09/06/2010: Additions to Cages, Feeding, Toys & hammocks.
17/05/2010: Photos and some updates on all the girls' individual pages.
21/03/2010: Photos, news and weights on all the girls' pages.
14/02/2010: New little heart-stealing additions! See Batgirls.
23/01/2010: Some general changes to the photo pages.
17/01/2010: Some more photos on their individual pages.
11/01/2010: Most things uploaded.


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