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Updates & news 2012

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30/12/2012: It's been a hectic autumn with lots of (human) illness and some ratty injuries and I'm so very tired. Lots of rat-related news though - first up, I should finally introduce my Lovecraft keepers from Monkeyshines and Flow's litters, so meet Spelunky, Notch and Minifig - plus Honeymoon, a lovely little girl from Isamu Rats. And we've adopted Tony, a lone neutered rescue buck with a very disruptive past.

I've also updated some other overdue bits and pieces - probably most notably the pages for Cages and Freerange to better reflect the current arrangements. I do need to do a complete overhaul reading of the site as I suspect I'm now probably contradicting myself in some places where I've missed updating.

04/11/2012: We've lost Rae :-( On a happier note, Fitz has been successfully introduced to Maven, Tusk and Umbra and they're now very happy together.
14/10/2012: Introducing the recent arrivals - lone hormonal (but 100% people-friendly) boy Fitz who was neutered a few days ago, plus Tusk and Umbra, two extremely cute little himalayan girls. The rat room is progressing with most of the storage units sorted yesterday; I'll try to do a photo page soon. Also new photos of Phoenix, Stanleymuffin and Maven.
07/10/2012: Been to the NERS cup show and Contra was 3rd in Agility, Puck 4th in Varieties, and *drum roll* her brother Lovecraft Volta was RBIS in Pets - congrats to K&M! Also, the new rat room has now been painted in a yellow uncannily similar to this site's background and with a bit of luck the ratties can finally move in later in the week. I have some very eagerly awaited new rescues coming this week so watch this space. And finally, in other news - exciting info regarding the autumn's litters, so read more on www.lovecraftrats.co.uk
02/10/2012: Good bloody riddance to September. We had to let both Pepper and Nancy go. That's three rats lost in as many weeks - and all black hoodeds. So harsh :~(
15/09/2012: Less than a month since the last update, and we've not only moved house (rat room!!!) but also been on holiday plus I've been in hospital with viral meningitis. Bleh. After more than three years with her, we sadly lost our very special Dicey on her 37-month day. RIP sweetheart, you were the most amazing girl.
18/08/2012: We have a Maven! We are also moving house next week, so I really ought to be packing rather than updating the website. Also, new house = rat room! Weeeey!
11/08/2012: More success at the shows - Flow won BIS in the Pets class at NERS Thirsk, with mummy Contra 3rd, Swing 4th and Puck 5th! Flow also placed 3rd in the Varieties supreme challenge, and Thump came second in the Agility challenge and thereby gained her Agility championship!
24/07/2012: Yesterday our little Fliss had to be put to sleep with neurological symptoms. She was the kindest rat I've ever had (and the most infuriatingly energetic when she was young) and she has left a big hole in our hearts.
09/06/2012: We found Busby dead in the cage, she looked like she'd just fallen asleep. Bye my Bus, my beautiful girl, my first breeder rat.
02/06/2012: Lovecraft babies did a Pet challenge hat trick at the NERS Gosforth show with BIS (Swing), RBIS (Dash) and 3rd (Monkeyshines)! In the Varieties challenge Radar was R-BIS and Dash 3rd, and my Thump (from Atlas Rats) won the Agility section and was 4th in the Varieties challenge, attaining the final point she needed to become a NERS Grand Champion!
02/06/2012: We took on an old lone rescue girl - see Phoenix's page. I have also added a 'Groups & numbers' overview, and there are new photos and weights for girls and boys alike. The show results from the last few shows have been uploaded, but not the critiques, as I'm rethinking the whole format. Also still to do: update the health log which is about 7 months out of date...
16/05/2012: Updated weights on everyone's invididual pages. They've all gained some lately, which is good for the majority of them and less good for a few - namely Contra, Darkling and Nancy, who could do with losing 20-50g. I think what's happened is that I haven't decreased the dry mix amount enough as the weather has gone milder. The extra padding has done the babies and the oldies a world of good though!
07/05/2012: Errm, yes. Still not sorted out the show critiques but I have finally updated photos of everyone, and small character descriptions for the "babies" now that they have started to get proper personalities!
15/04/2012: Show results from the NERS AGM show yesterday - photos and critiques to follow.
03/03/2012: Sad, sad times. After more than 12 months with no ratty losses (!), we had to let our amazing Roux-girl go yesterday. We miss our beautiful smudge-nose more than words can say.

To balance this somewhat, I've finally taken the time to introduce my keeper girls from Contra's litter. Also, photos and individual weights for everyone - the girls and the boys - and recent show results (critiques to follow).


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