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Updates & news 2013

(or see archives for 2010-11 and 2012)


Happy new year!

I have finally updated the cage layout page, and my lovely rescue gerbils have also been given their own page now.


Since the last update we have lost Furn - RIP sweetheart. Fitz is also slowing down radically now, and I expect we will lose him and possibly Fray over the next few weeks. Lots of the other oldies are still ticking along very well, thankfully.

I've managed to do a big catch-up on the backlog of photos so nearly everyone has some new pics on their pages, apart from Emsel, Delaney and Facehugger who I will try to pin down over the next few days.

I'm also thrilled to say that thanks to my awesome Notch I qualified for my NFRS stud name a few weeks ago. There's a little bit more info over at Lovecraft HQ.

Happy holidays, everyone!


A turbulent two months with hard losses and happy gains. Contra, my wonderful foundation doe, left us on 24th October, at the grand age of 33 months. I lost another two girls that horrible day - one planned (Swing), one unexpected (Thump). With a total of 6 rats at 26-29 months, I'm not expecting this winter to go gently on me.

My four keeper girls from Notch and Figgy's litters have settled in brilliantly and are keeping me busy, entertained and grateful. A big exuberant hello from Malone, Delaney, Hoyden and Facehugger.

I've also recently taken in two rescue does from two different situations, sadly both with health problems, but I'm glad they're here and getting a shot at some happy times - meet Polka and Mosey.

There are some new photos of a number of the others too.


Goodnight Darkling - I love you lots. 31.5 months, yet it's always too soon.

Thankfully plenty of stir-crazy kittens to keep us occupied.


Another loss - we very sadly had to let our sweetheart Maven go nearly two weeks ago, at a far too young age :'(

Thanks to Lloyd at Eximius Rats, two adult does (returned to him by their original owner due to a change in circumstances) have come to live out a happy retirement here - say hello to Taiyo and Soraya, who are everything I could have hoped for and more!

Happy 31 months to Contra and Darkling! Also birthday wishes for Thump, Furn, Snicket and Fray who are 26 months, and Roth and Yennis who turned 24 months in July.

Finally, I'm over the moon to say that we have two healthy wriggly litters who are about to open their eyes - head over to my breeding site Lovecraft Rats if you want to find out more about them :)


Much too soon, we said a very difficult goodbye to Puck nearly two weeks ago.


Welcome to my new rescue girls - Yennis and Roth
Also updated everyone's weights on their individual pages.


I've done a new design for the website - hope you like! The image links don't work as intended yet and I haven't moved everything across yet so some areas will be added back over the next few weeks.

In other news, my Stanleymuffinman left us just three weeks before his third birthday. He was loved by so many and it was a real privilege to know him.

On a happier note, Flow has come back from Sundrop Rats (where she had her second litter) with her three fantastic baby girls who have integrated fairly well into my large group. Meet Emsel, Alkali and Shroom!


Our wonderful Phoenix Jellygirl has passed. She was a very special rat with a very special story and we miss her so much.

Perhaps to balance this out a little, we've finally had intro success with tricky Tony, and his transformation is heartwarming to see.


First update of the year! At the end of January we welcomed our most recent additions; Snicket and Fray, two old rescue does who very much needed a loving retirement home.


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